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Twenty Trippy 3D Tattoos

If you’ve grown tired of simple and traditional tattoo designs, you might want to consider getting a cool 3D (three-dimensional) tattoo.

For a certified Meat, this could be a welcome change, especially that tattoos in three dimensions generally produce very realistic images and designs. For a Tenderfoot who frowns at the ubiquity of popular tattoo designs and symbols, getting a 3D ink would prove to be an exciting first step into the world of tattoos.

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One huge advantage of 3D, or 3-dimensional, tattoos over regular tattoo designs is the production of a more vivid and real image, primarily caused by adding depth into the design. Depth is mainly accomplished by putting in the right amount of shadow techniques to the design to make it look like it is really occupying a specific amount of space on a certain area. The product is a tattoo that greatly depicts a very realistic image or setting.

Across 7 categories, check out 20 eye-popping three dimensional tattoos.

3D Animal tats. Those things almost look real, don’t they?

<br />

Grave + skin disease – which is more frightening?

<br />

Sun and lion. I just want to peel that sun off that skin.

<br />

‘A HOLE New World’ meets What Lies Beneath.

<br />

Animated ambiguity – these trippy tats are straight-up confusing.

<br />

Alien, Cross, Spiderman. Clearly out-of-this-world 3D tats.

<br />

Mecha-themed tats – always better in 3D.

<br />

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2 Comments on "Twenty Trippy 3D Tattoos"

  1. avatar Sarah Says:

    Hey! Are there any 3d tattoo artists in London? I can’t find any! and I really want one!

  2. avatar cole Says:

    Does anyone know of any good 3d tattoo artists in NYC?

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