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Top Twenty Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Not all tramp stamps are created equal. Yes, I know that these lower back tattoos usually worn by open-minded, sophisticated and strong-willed women are more-often-than-not purposed to project a sexy image. And these girls have perfected the art of tramp stamp display with low-rise jeans, belly-flaunting tops, and of course the ever showy bikini.

But then again, not all lower back tattoos project the same negative and, dare I say, skanky, image. I think, aesthetically, a tramp stamp looks great when done in minimalist fashion. The intensity and reputation of the tramp stamp is determined by the quality of the tattoo design.

These twenty ladies could have scored more hottie points if they resisted the urge to be bold and didn’t overdo their oh-so-permanent tramp stamp tattoos.

1. The ‘eye’ design at the bottom would have been enough to attract attention without that huge and distracting design on top of it.

<br />

2. The “Buzz Tramp Stamps” phrase just ruined everything on this edgy design.

<br />

3. There’s something about bat wings that’s just not sexy, unless you’re an animated bat woman femme fatale.

<br />

4. This tramp stamp has a good design, but its huge size makes it look messy and unappealing.

<br />

5. To have the entire Bible verse written at the top of this hot chick’s bum is just plain blasphemy. Sorry, the Bible isn’t hot.

<br />

6. Strutting your stuff at the beach in your tiny bikini with a beach tat on your lower back is kinda redundant, isn’t it?

<br />

7. This ‘angel and demon’ tat design is supposed to be fiery and hot but, sadly, it isn’t.

<br />

8. The hot tramp stamp is ruined by the helix-spinal-cord tragedy on top of it.

<br />

9. Since when did we consider a Biblical commandment hot tramp-stamp material?

<br />

10. What did I say about bat wings earlier? Nuff said.

<br />

11. Eww! This is just too big to be sexy.

<br />

12. Smile Now, Cry Later. I bet $5 this girl is on the Cry Later stage at the moment.

<br />

13. Uh, graves and skulls – what could be less sexy?

<br />

14. If the tat was inked on a smaller scale, this would have been way hotter.

<br />

15. I love the pistols. They are very well done. It’s those annoying vine-like things that put me off of this stamp.

<br />

16. What a shame – the girl is so hot, but her tramp stamp is just not.

<br />

17. Way too minimal to be significant. Probably symbolic of what’s to come.

<br />

18. Oh, tattooing your surname (or your boyfriend’s) on your lower back is hot, as long as it’s Jolie, Pitt, Aniston, or even Obama.

<br />

19. Thanks to the real banana, this bizarre tramp stamp looks acceptable.

<br />

20. Oh, redundancy in full color. (see tat #6)

<br />

Have a fetish for tramp stamps and tribal tats? You’re in luck with this lower back tribal tattoo photo gallery. Check out more hot (and not) tattoo pictures in our body part photo gallery here.

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46 Comments on "Top Twenty Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoos"

  1. avatar Delaney55 Says:

    First, I hate the term “Tramp Stamp” because a woman having a lower back tattoo doesn’t automatically make her a “Tramp”. Women should be able to have a tattoo anywhere on their bodies without prejudice unless the tattoo itself is sexual in nature. Most of the pictures you showed in this article are just badly done tattoos. They would be a bad choice no matter where they were placed on the body.

    You know that tattoos are a very personal choice, so while others of us might not choose these designs, they did for reasons known only to them. If they like them then that is all that matters regardless of what anyone else thinks.

    Labels such as “Tramp Stamp” continues to perpetuate tattooing stereotyping and stigmas toward tattoos, especially women and tattoos. Shame on tattoo enthusiasts or tattoo artists and magazines for perpetuating antiquated perceptions of women with ink.

  2. avatar sc Says:

    11 is totally a dude. and i’m pretty sure the tupac grave one is too.

  3. avatar Melvin Smiley Says:

    I think Tramp Stamp is the right. Not all women, but a lot women who tend to get Tramp Stamps tend to show off their thongs or ass-crack. She might not be a prostitute, but she sure is prostitutish!!!

  4. avatar H Says:

    Tramp stamp is a fitting name for this type of tattoo.
    If any woman is fo the mentality to tattoo her lower back is a tramp.
    “For as a man thinketh so is he” So the term tramp stamp fits, just like if the shoe fits, wear it; and tramps wear their stamps like a piece of USDA beef.

  5. avatar freddo Says:

    tattoos are totally ugly to begin with, especially on women and NOTHING sexy about them. they’re permanent and screw up a woman’s body. why through a can of paint on a Rembrandt. Do you people and women with tattoos even know who Rembradt is?

  6. avatar beth Says:

    Im 23 and a virgin! I have a lower back tatoo and Im not a tramp! so go stamp moron on you body somewhere

  7. avatar nabizko Says:

    Beth, its not like it’s there for you to stare at, that’s 4 sure. So bend it on over and show us the invitation girl! Wait, your a virgin? That’s either a lie, or you think just as long as he dosen’t put it in ALL THE WAY your still golden? now go get checked for stds or or something.

  8. avatar mike Says:

    They should really call these “skank stamps”, because all these nasty bitches think they make them look hot. Anybody with half a brain knows better. These dumb fucking whores probably will still think they look good on their saggy, wrinkly bodies 50 years from now too!

  9. avatar maxine rogers Says:

    Why would a woman want to attract attention to her lower back, area above her ass crack. Cause she’s brainless? Even a virgin can be brainless. I’ve seen my share of strippers with tramp stamps. And unless you’re a prostitute selling sex on the street, I don’t see how it’s part of your personality. Tattoos scare me. It will cost you ten times as much to get it removed. Tattoo removal is becoming a big business. Gee? I wonder why?

  10. avatar sudont Says:

    I’ll take a tramp any day. And really, it’s almost the only place a woman can have a tat on her body, and have it look ok. But subtlety is the key!
    Beth, a virgin at twenty-three? That’s nothing to boast about, girl. The concept of virginity is about male dominance and ownership. Get liberated – life is short.

  11. avatar Bob Whipple Says:

    Pretty good collection of ink there. They (women with them) should upload them to the website to show them off.

  12. avatar adam Says:

    #19 with the banana is actually pretty sexy. I don’t see why its on a worst 20 list.

  13. avatar Lexie Says:

    I don’t understand how these are the top 20 worst lower back tattoos. It looks like you went to google images, and since you don’t like lower back tattoos in the first place, took random ones that you found. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean you should demean women who get them. It doesn’t necessarily make them trashy. I want one, and I happen to be a virgin as well. So I agree with Beth. Go stick your arrogant and judgemental heads in some wet cement somewhere.

  14. avatar katie schwartz Says:

    Ha. The shame. Love it.

  15. avatar BM Says:

    First, I hate the term “Tramp Stamp” because a woman having a lower back tattoo doesn’t automatically make her a “Tramp”.

    Yes, it does, and it’s FN distracting when the tramp is putting out.

  16. avatar Jen Says:

    I just couldn’t leave this one alone! If you people have such a problem with getting inked then why are you looking on this site? Jealous? Definitely passing judgement! Why be nasty to people that make their own decisions with THEIR body? Yes I have tattoos, including one on my lower back, and I’m proud of it!

  17. avatar trampho Says:

    There called tramp stamps cause thats exactly what they are. If you have one and think otherwise then this comment wouldnt upset you. On the other hand if you find this comment offensive then enough said, its a tramp stamp and so might you be.

  18. avatar Michay Says:

    Ok that is just pathetic. Who are you people to judge the people who get a tramp stamp. Take a look at yourself before you judge them. Honestly I mean a lot of the celebrities have a lower back tattoo. It’s just a part on the body that does look good, Idc what any of you say. I agree with Beth & Lexie. I mean honestly self confidence is what makes a woman sexy not a tattoo.

  19. avatar Alfred Says:

    Body modification is nothing new… neither are tattoos. I personally think that all body modifications (except those medically necessary) are stupid. I do not want any. However, I do not look down on others because of their desire to modify their bodies. I am so prudish that I do not even like earrings (on anyone).

    I may not like it, but I have no right to tell anyone else how to live. There are a whole slew of reasons to dislike someone. Body art should not be one of them.

    The simple fact is that tattoos are not illegal, some may say immoral, but a person has every right to have them. My rights end where yours begin!

  20. avatar Beth from PA Says:

    I got my firtst tatoo, a “tramp stamp” at the age of 36 to celebrate my 10 year weddding anniversary. My husband also got the same tatoo on the inner part of his left arm. Both tatoo’s say…”Love of a Lifetime” 8-29-98. Our first married dance was to Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse so we thought it only fitting to include that on our tatoos. Not all lower back tatoos are “tramp stamps”, in fact, mine states that I’m taken!

  21. avatar Mike Augisfat Says:

    It is what it is….reading material for strangers while standing in line at a Wal-Mart, Welfare line, Big Lots, or getting to know a stranger after a couple drinks…the name is perfect.

  22. avatar sid Says:

    Well I can understand the reason why it’s called a tramp stamp. Guys are automatically prone to looking at a girl’s ass anyway right? so why not give herself the advantage over other chicks and slap some ink over the top? To me it’s all about attention which is sad because guys are already looking there to begin with. And to the 36 year old who says her tramp stamp states she’s taken, that’s what the DIAMOND RING is for honey… unless it’s too small to notice!!!! By the way I’m not against tats or where people want them, I just don’t have any.

  23. avatar whiskey Says:

    I like the Aussie term for the tribal tramp-stamp, Arse Antlers. Folks, these terms are out there and if you’re going to be a cliche or use permanent body art just to “accessorize” be prepared to be ridiculed. Your one saving grace is you won’t have to look at it every day for the rest of your life.

    #5 – the biblical one has grammatical errors
    #19 – the yellow banana, it’s a Warhol thing

  24. avatar kieara Says:

    i want a tattoo on my lower back but not to show off it will remain covered its something just for me and my husband people are different i know someone who has one and no one knows she has it but me i was there when she got it not all women are tramps and you bigoted a**holes should know better!!!!!!!!!

  25. avatar Jamalam Says:

    I think tramp stamps are the tattoos that have no meaning, like they are just there to grab attention. If a girl gets a giant butterfly on her lower back thats a tramp stamp cause it doesnt really mean anything its just bright and colorful.

  26. avatar Tiffany Says:

    nabizko implies that virgins are likely to have std’s…by this line of reasoning nabizko must assume anyone who actually has sex must be a severely diseased. LOL. AS for the tramp stamps, it is a fitting name…virgin or married, the tat screams “look at my ass”, which is trampy. Some ass antlers are trashier than others. Ladies even if your lower back tat is on not on the higher level of trashy, does not mean it shouldn’t be called a tramp stamp. It is what it is.
    Its like guys with those damned armband tattoos…begging attention for their biceps.
    Fad tats should be avoided

  27. avatar AJ Says:

    The banana one is from the album “The Velvet Underground and Nico”, by The Velvet Underground. Look up the album on Wikipedia and compare the banana tattoo to the album cover, and you’ll see.

  28. avatar SaffronThePixie Says:

    I think this entire conversation is amusing. I am a banker in a professional business environment. More than one woman here has back tattoos. This is also Florida so full business suits are not always comfortable. The back is a great place to have art as it is easy to cover. No one would call any of us tramps or even be able to tell which of us actually have tattoos. Also, the lower back has long been known to be a woman’s center of strength so it is symbolic in a way most men aren’t capable of understanding. What is so amusing though, is that the men who are most beligerant and use the most foul language are the ones hooked up with the “real” tramps they found in the trailer park or on the street corner, tattoo or not.

  29. avatar rys babe Says:

    i dont understand why people call it a trampstamp i dont think having a tattoo on your lower back makes you a tramp but dont you think that a tattoo on your breast is more of a tramp stamp i think so i mean its just ur back

  30. avatar martin Says:

    Wow – stunning displays of ignorance on here guys…really, just breathtaking. I have two tattoos (on my arms) that i’m immensely proud of – I can understand why people don’t like tattoos, there are many I think are ugly as hell but I fully support a person’s right to have them. Many people put tattoos in out of the way places (mine are high enough to cover with a t-shirt) because of the stupidity, ignorance and prejudice of some small minded people who judge others by such things. A girl may show it off when she’s out..and why not? Its art (although some of those pics above are fairly badly done I have to say). But will cover it when appropriate. The placement of a tattoo has all sorts of meanings, but to believe a girl will put out for you just because she has a tattoo on her lower back is akin to believeing you are a god amongst men because you can chug down 10 beers in 15 minutes flat..or indeed any other half-witted, macho clap trap put about by small boys trapped in mens body’s. To judge others in such a way says more about you than them – and none of it is good. Cretins…

  31. avatar laura Says:

    i think #12 is a dude haha

  32. avatar whiskey Says:

    Martin, I didn’t read on here where there was a single comment against someone’s RIGHT to have a tattoo. Everyone has the right to get whatever tattoo they want and everyone else has the right to laugh at it if they want. There’s also some good laughs at

  33. avatar Lizzy Says:

    In my opinion, not all lower back tattoos are tramp stamps. A lower back tattoo only screams “look at my ass!” if it’s on display, and most women I know don’t display their lower backs unless they are wearing a bikini. Tramp stamps are usually pointless and serve no purpose other than to look sexy, usually a butterfly or some tribal design. But if somebody has a tattoo that is meaningful to them and it happens to be on the lower back because that was the most convenient or appropriate place for it, it’s not a tramp stamp.

  34. avatar jannelle Says:

    It’s always amusing to hear those ‘against’ something pontificate to the rest of us. If you are of legal age and want a ‘tramp stamp’ or any other body mod, go ahead. If you don’t care for tattoos, piercing, branding, or whatever, then don’t. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion – they are like rectums – one per person :) Personally i get a little perverse thrill hearing it called a ‘tramp stamp’ – but it is a tattoo that is easily covered from unwelcome eyes. Just MNHO – YMMV.

  35. avatar D-chi Says:

    Personally, I don’t see the big deal about tramp stamps. Some tattoos are really pretty and well-done, but I am personally against getting them. I think most if not all tattoos are at least a little trashy. Rather, it’s harder to take someone seriously if they have a tattoo. You have the right to do what you want, but I think tattoos have more or less the same effect no matter where it is.

  36. avatar Sheri Says:

    I have been wanting one for a while. The name tramp stamp doesnt bother me. I am 40 years old I have a 6 year old boy and a 7 month old boy. On tuesday June 9th i will have been married for 19 years. I am a professional with an engineering degree. I have 2 tattoos and tomorrow I am getting my tramp stamp as a present from my loving husband. I cant wait.


  37. avatar Zane Selvans Says:

    I’m pretty sure the banana is a reference to the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol, so probably not quite as weird as it seems. See here:

  38. avatar mclaugh Says:

    i’m a girl and i have 2 tattoos(for now anyways); one of them is one my rib cage and the other one is on my wrist. i don’t have one on my lower back but i do think that if someone(usually a girl) wants to get one there then so be it, it is their decision, not yours. if you don’t like these kinds of tattoos then don’t look at them. and if you just don’t like tatts on girls, well then that’s your taste but don’t come trying to shove your ideas into our brains…what if i said that i don’t like guys with no tattoos..? tattoos don’t change a person, therefor i don’t judge people who have some or don’t. if you do, you’re stupid and shallow.

  39. avatar Alisha Jennings Says:

    Haha!! The idea that you think a tattoo on the back is a tramp stamp absolutly amuses me!! I just got my first tattoo yesterday and yes, it is on my lower back and it says cowgirl up. Now tell me–does that make me a tramp. I mean really, how would you like it if I judged you about lets say–your necklace?? Think about that. Think about how you would feel if I turned the tables on you and said that you’re a whore or a tramp all because you wear a necklace that is too long or is a certain color. With that being said, I think that it might be a good idea for you to stop judging other girls before they start judging you. And if you don’t like tattoos, or at least the ones on a girls back, just leave the whole issue alone. It’s as easy as that.

  40. avatar mscutie78 Says:

    Women get lower back tattoos because it is the one place where you cannot see it unless you want it seen. Think about it – how sexy is it to be in a wedding dress or any dress for that matter and have a big nasty tattoo on her shoulder or upper arm. I would take a lower back tat over a tat on my upper body any day! Call it a tramp stamp if you want…but it is far from the truth!

  41. avatar Embersfire Says:

    Do you know the difference between people with tattoos, and people without tattoos? People with tattoos don’t care if you have a tattoo or not.

  42. avatar KetalOne Says:

    Im a 60 year old man with an open mind. I have some women friends that are in the business world that have lower back tats and they are not tramps. For those of you with closed and small minds, you must have problems with your own sexuality. Just because a woman decides to get a lower back tat it dosen’t say or make her a tramp. There are some men with lower back tats and that dosen’t make them any different, everyone has a right to place tattoos where ever they want them, and as I stated Im a 60 years old man and I just got a tattoo on my lower back and it dosen’t make me different.

  43. avatar aphrodite Says:

    i’ve got a devils tail on my lower back coming out of my arse crack and a love heart on my snatch and i’m not a prostitute. yuo can’t even see them unless i took my clothes off which i would only do in front of a long term partner who i loved, so no not all girls who have tattoos there are the type that walks around with her thong looking like it’ll never see the light of day again it, pulled up so far. anyway why is a tattoo on a womasn a “tramp stamp” but not on a man?

  44. avatar Ben Connor Barrie Says:

    Ha. I totally know the girl with the Velvet Underground and Alkaline Trio tattoos.

  45. avatar Cat Says:

    “Tramp Stamp” is just a term. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is the most sensible place to get a tattoo. This part of the body doesn’t age like the other parts. It will continue to look good even when your 50 or older and unless you dress to show it off, it isn’t visible most of the time. For most people who get them, tattoos are a means of expression. Those who criticize use their words to express their opinions and feelings about the world. Tattooed people use the art for such expressions. So, a little advise if you don’t like it quit looking it isn’t there for you anyway.

  46. avatar Irish81 Says:

    Sorry, I don’t see the negatives, sexy, check…. Cover up easy, check,, And as for the wrinkly comments, hello grant panties hide them and I know your un tattooed old body will look just as wrinkly and bad, sorry that’s life,, if you think your going to look better, your pathetic, cause you think some one will look at your body when your 80 … No one but nurses who, by the way, if you have a lower tat, might say, who! This pathetic old person was young once too..

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