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Top Ten Science Tattoos

Theorems. Chemical Structures. Human Anatomy. Scientific formulae. Science tattoos are made of these. Whether you’re the next rocket scientist or someone who failed all your science classes, your science tat can express your joy, or frustration, on the subject.

Here’s a list of the top ten craziest science tattoos found on the web. And by ‘craziest,’ I mean something out of the ordinary. Doesn’t matter if it’s a complex tattoo photo or a simple tattoo photo, the thought behind the tattoo design is much more interesting.

Each of these science tattoo photos offers something which none of us, in our sane – or sober – minds would dare do ourselves. Humor and eccentricity are also factors that add to the appeal of these bizarre science tattoos. And by eccentricity, I am not referring to the mathematical definition of it.

From the best tattoo designs to the craziest tattoo meanings, check out our picks for the top ten science tattoo photos.

Periodic Table of Elements

<br />

If you want to ace your Chemistry class, I can’t think of any cooler way to do it than this one.

Chemical Structure

<br />

We don’t really know for sure why on earth someone would tattoo something as geeky as this on his back, but I guess that’s part of the tattoo charm.


<br />

This dude is obviously a fan of Captain Atom, but apparently too shy to admit it with his shirt on.

Theory of Relativity vs. Law of Motion

<br />

Einstein versus Newton. Who’s the better looney? Depends on whether you’re a southpaw or not.

Another Chemical Structure?

<br />

A regular mom would have mistaken these for little spiders or beetles, but to this highly scientific woman, this symbolizes her deep love for chemical structures. How touching.

Integral Calculus

<br />

Who would have thought someone actually thinks Love is greater that Integral Calculus? No wonder he cuts math classes to go on a date with a hot chick.


<br />

You don’t have to be a mutant to have a liking for DNA helix tats. They work well even on red-hot chicks like this girl.

I Love Science!

<br />

This is what happens when someone runs out of ideas for a science tat.

Carbon Atom

<br />

This carbon atom tattoo is small and simple, but it is inversely proportional to the amount of explaining you need to do when an average Joe asks what the tat is all about.

Muscular Arm

<br />

Not interested in lifting weight or going to the gym? Here’s hoping that a ‘muscular system’ tat will make your arm actually appear more muscular.

Science tattoos are only one group of nerdy tattoos. From Microsoft love to Spiderman obsession, check out the top ten geekiest tattoo photos.

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2 Comments on "Top Ten Science Tattoos"

  1. avatar geek Says:

    “This is what happens when someone runs out of ideas for a science tat.”

    Why would you say that? It’s red and blue which suggests it’s meant to be 3D when viewed with 3D glasses. I have no way of knowing how successful it is in practice but the idea is a clever one.

  2. avatar James Says:

    The “integral calculus” tattoo doesn’t say that calculus is less than love. If you do the math, it says that “infinity

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