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Top Five Most Meaningful Tattoos in Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is a culture made up of prominent figures that express themselves in extreme fashion with respect to virtually every aspect of their lives.

No matter what they do, these rappers never cease to project their own story, striving to remain interesting in the ever saturated rap game. From media interviews to advertising campaigns and personal ink style, these performers all know and embrace their role as icons in the hip-hop scene.

From The Game to the non-stop Lil Wayne, there’s no doubt these stars are of the most important in the music industry. But, are their tattoos as meaningful as their lyrics, or is their ink just for the sake of image?

While famous tattoos on Hollywood starlets are undeniably hot, we suspect there may be more meaning on the tattooed rappers strutting down the same streets. Check out the top five most important tattoos in rap music.

The Game

The Game has an LA tattoo just below his right eye, and if you actually listen to any of his music for about two minutes, you would know this by now. When Dr. Dre’s The Chronic hit the streets, Game was in his teens. Luckily, he managed to develop his talent, and have his debut album produced by the good doctor himself. This means he experienced the early ‘90s middle school wannabe rapper from Compton dream fulfilled. If you look at the N.W.A. (Dr. Dre’s first group) tattoo above his right pectoral muscle you can see that he has a substantial respect for the past artists that came before him.

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50 Cent

50’s back tattoo is clear evidence of the over-the-top opinion he has of himself. Not that he is alone in his narcissism, but most rappers, that aren’t on his label, think he is an arrogant punk, even in an industry built on self-worship. He doesn’t have much respect for the past, or for anyone competing against him. And as you can see, he has a “50″tattoo the size of a Jansport backpack covering his entire back. This tattoo design appropriately fits a guy who just wants to get rich or die tryin’.

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30 years from now, no other rapper’s lyrics will be studied more than the words put forth by Marshall Mathers. His words terrified the masses, and his exit from the game has left most fans and critics puzzled and yearning for more material. The reason for his absence can be seen on his right shoulder. There, you can find a picture of his beautiful little girl, Hayley Jade outlined with roses. If he dropped an album today, it would go straight to number one, but he seems to be done with that because of something that is clearly more important to him. Notice the inscription of Bonnie and Clyde underneath her name. That is a reference to a song on his first album written in her honor.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce

If Eminem’s lyrics are the most powerful, Jay-Z’s career is the most important. Not only is he widely respected as being the “The Michael Jordan of Recording” and infamous for never writing down a single lyric, he is also now married to one of the most striking women in the world. Earlier this year, Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles tied the knot.Instead of dropping a diamond the size the size of a grapefruit on her finger, they both decided to get wedding band tattoos. What do you give the girl that seemingly has everything? A little ink, son!

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Lil Wayne

Wayne is the biggest rapper in the world right now.He has spent the last two years locked in a studio, smoking blunts, getting tattoos (sometimes in the studio), and pumping out over 150 tracks of some the most innovative rap music ever recorded, from varied collaborations to mix tapes and his own full length albums.

People often look at this other Mr. Carter as being a crazy, over-stimulated person, or an alien, or even a profit sent from God. His flow doesn’t seem to be of this world, and he seems to enjoy a level of excess that would suggest that he knows he was sent here to experience everything to the fullest. When listening to his rhymes, you get the feeling he is clearly in possession of an addictive personality. He loves recording every night.And he also seems incapable of stopping getting tattoos; his body and face are covered with them.

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The Game thinks that Ice Cube is God; 50 Cent thinks he is God; Eminem wants his daughter to have the chance to choose to believe in God, if she wants to; Jay-Z gets to wake up next to Beyonce, so he is probably a fan of God’s work; Lil Wayne however, judging by his tattooed eye lids, fears God.Is this because he knows something we don’t? Well, I’m sure, like every other rapper out there, if you take the time to look close at the artwork painted on their skin; it shouldn’t be hard to find some inkling of truth.

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8 Comments on "Top Five Most Meaningful Tattoos in Hip-Hop"

  1. avatar Liz Says:

    You’re trying to tell me that these tats are more “important” than the tramp stamp of a Chinese character that Tara Reid probably has? Nay sir, I say nay.

  2. avatar Alex Says:

    Holy shit that’s a stupid back piece there 50!

  3. avatar amber Says:

    i really like the idea of putting a pic of your daughter on yourself eminen…its a sign (to me at least) that you will cherish her all your life :-) its very kool!!!

  4. avatar Stefani Says:

    I watched a documentary about the rapper The Game on MTV where he explained that before he had that “L.A.” tattoo on his cheek, it was a butterfly (and I’ve seen a picture). He read somewhere that butterflies symbolize strength or courage, so he got one tattooed on his face. It wasn’t long before he was made fun of for supposedly being hard, but sporting a dainty butterfly on his cheek. This is when he got the “L.A.” tattoo to cover up the butterfly and you can still see remnants of the butterfly if you look at any picture. So The “L.A.” tattoo isn’t as important as it is strategic. This truly proves how much “courage” The Game has to stand up to people and their comments about him. none. Oh, and I LOVE WEEZY!

  5. avatar Christopher Says:


  6. avatar Ruben Says:

    Top five most meaningful hip hop tattoos? All these guys are commercial rappers not hip hop artists?? What a joke
    Top 5 most MEANINGFUL – b-boy, turntable, microphone, graffiti, boombox.

    Now that is a true representation too hip hop. If u are going to write an article about hip hop, please remember it’s origins and what it actually stands for!!

    Lil Wayne is the biggest rapper in the world??? Pffft. Now that makes me laugh

    Does anyone ever remember KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Gangstarr, Nas etc??? Or hip hop groups that are still keeping it real like People Under The Stairs, The Sound Providers, The Unspoken Heard??

    I suppose that what makes HIP HOP so special as apposed to COMMERCIAL RAP. Hip Hop is underground and those who dig deep deserves it’s beauty!!

  7. avatar Kyle Says:

    No Tupac? His Thug Life tattoo I guess is meaningless? As M&M implied and 50 cent aswell, any rapper who started in the 90′s (which is all of the above) owe something to 2pac…

  8. avatar Sam Says:

    With Eminem’s tattoo with Hayley is a very meaningful but I also think that his tattoo on his left arm that says “PROOF” the same way that Proof had his on his right arm is also very meaningful as it was a tribute to proof after he was killed and that the friendship that they shared will never be forgotten.

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