Top 25 Hottest Female Tattoo Artists

For centuries, the tattoo industry has been dominated by men – for both the pitcher and the catcher, if you will. Body art has certainly undergone a modern renaissance, and some of the best tattoo artists in the world are now women. And many a tattoo collector attest that there is nothing sexier than having an incredible female artist penetrate your skin with her ink stick.

The following 25 women, in no particular order, are some of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the world, holding it down at some of the most popular tattoo parlors across the globe. And when you see their work, you’ll want to get shaded all over again. From style to sex appeal and straight-up talent, check out the varying appeal of the 25 hottest female tattoo artists.

Jen Beirola: Jen is the owner of Grinn and Barrett Tattoo in Omaha.

<br />

Nadine Bryant: Nadine is the owner of Skinks Professional Tattoo Studio in New Zealand. www.skinks.co.nz

<br />

Julie Becker: Julie works at MacDougal Tattoo in NYC. www.juliebeckerink.com

<br />

Laura Satana: Laura is located in Paris, France, but does international tattoo work. www.laurasatana.com

<br />

Kat Von D: Kat owns High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles and is the star of LA Ink on TLC. www.highvoltagetattoo.com

<br />

Heather Sinn: Heather works at Avalon Tattoo in San Diego.

<br />

Michelle Myles: Michelle co-owns world famous Fun City Tattoos in NYC and Dare Devil Tattoo on the Lower East Side. http://funcitytattoo.com

<br />

Anna Paige: Anna manages No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Philadelphia and Skin Deep Tattoo in Waikiki. www.bodygraphics.com

<br />

Eva Huber: Eva works at Off the Map Tattoo in Massachusetts. www.offthemaptattoo.com

<br />

Ryoki: Ryoki is a self-taught artist who owns Al-Haut tattoo studio in Osaka, Japan. www.al-haut.com

<br />

Hannah Aitchison: Hannah is mainly based in Chicago at Deluxe Tattoo, but also works for High Voltage Tattoo in LA (and LA Ink). www.hannahaitchison.com

<br />

Kim Saigh: Kim co-owns Cherry Bomb Tattoo in Chicago and also works for High Voltage Tattoo in LA (and LA Ink). www.kimsaigh.com

<br />

Miss Heidi: Heidi owns Miss Heidi’s Tattoo and Body Piercing in Orlando. http://missheidistattoo.com

<br />

Nikki Pettis: Nikki also works for Grinn and Barrett Tattoo.

<br />

Andrea Ottlewski: Born in Germany, Andrea works at Slave to the Needle in Seattle. www.slavetotheneedle.com

<br />

Liz Gruesome: Liz works for Smokin’ Guns Tattoo in North Carolina. www.sgtattoo.com

<br />

Stephanie Tamez: Stephanie owns New York Adorned tattoo parlor in Manhattan and New York Adorned 2 in Brooklyn. www.stephanietamez.com

<br />

Morag Sangster: Morag is the sole female artist at Tribe Tattoo studios in Glasgow, UK. www.tribetattoo.co.uk

<br />

Christy Brooker: Christy works at ArtCore Studios in Seattle. www.christybrooker.com

<br />

Megan Hoogland: Megan works for Cactus Tattoo in Minnesota. http://meganhoogland.com

<br />

Stacy Sharp: Stacy works at Ink Alternative in New York. www.sharptattoos.com

<br />

Briana Sargent: Briana works at Flat’s Tattooing in Connecticut. www.brianatattoos.com

<br />

Margaret Moose: Marg works for Ace Custom Tattoo in North Carolina. www.moosetattoo.net

<br />

Saira Hunjan: Saira works at The Family Business Tattoo in London, and is the personal tattoo artist for Kate Moss. www.thefamilybusinesstattoo.com

<br />

Caroline Evans: Caroline is a guest artist for Anna Paige and No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo. www.tattoosbycaroline.com

<br />

For more modern females in the tattoo industry, check out the Top Ten Hottest Female Tattoos in Hollywood here.

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12 Comments on "Top 25 Hottest Female Tattoo Artists"

  1. avatar Lisa Schmoldt Says:

    I always was the ugly duckling growing up this just confirms it!!
    especially when all my gorgeous collegues/friends make their way to a who’s ‘hot’ list.

  2. avatar Caroline Evans Says:

    I was surprised to not see your name here, Lisa!!! And I thought my brother’s friend was just joking but he wasn’t!

  3. avatar resonanteye Says:

    hahah we ugly ducklings do ok anyway!

    Nice to see Christie on this list. She’s an amazing woman and artist.

  4. avatar mufasa Says:

    I’m surprised not to see Jo Harrison of Modern Body Art, Birmingham, UK on the list. She’s an awesome artist (and a Suicide Girl!!!)

  5. avatar GINA Says:

    Don’t forget us! We are hot feamle tattoo artists, toooooo!

    Long Island, New York

  6. avatar vanster Says:

    hey there,

    nice ranking right there… but i miss Sara Rosenbaum, which is prolly one of the best upcoming female artist ive ever seen. Not that anyone up there didnt deserve to be in the list, but Sara is simply awesome :) !

  7. avatar Jill Says:

    I feel like you missed two of the hottest female artists in the industry. Have you seen Hailey & Robin H.M. at Red23 Tattoo in Sandusky,OH!

  8. avatar Jessi Cottrill Says:

    Heyyy…I’m a hot tattoo artist…lololol

  9. avatar Stephanie Says:

    They may be the hottest female tattoo artist. But I’m the cutest

  10. avatar Julie Becker Says:

    Hey! I have a new website! feel free to visit and enjoy it!

    Love. Julie Becker

  11. avatar Betteonit Says:

    How about Heather Ruin? She is in Asheville North Carolina at Mans Ruin Tattoo. She is a hottie for sure and good artist.

  12. avatar Tori Nonnemacher Says:

    Missy Rhysing at Talisman Tattoo in Taos, NM is an amazing artist and absolutely beautiful! She should totally be on this list. http://missyrhysing.com/home.html

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