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Top Twenty Outrageous Facial Tattoos

Even though I am quite enamored with tattoos, especially those with remarkable artistry, I still can’t get myself to appreciate full face tattoos. I find them extremely bold, and way out of my league. I’m not going to lie – I am still a bit squeamish about getting my face dirty, you know?

And while I am here worried about getting a speck of ink on my face, some daredevils don’t think twice before putting a shit-load of ink on their faces. These tattoo collectors go to such extremes that their entire face actually becomes a canvas for the art they so love and long to profess.

And you thought foot tattoos and breast tattoos were weird body areas for tattoo designs. No location, and I mean no location, compares to the severity of a full face tattoo. If you’re a fan of crazy tattoo photos, then put on your hard hat and get your eyes ready for this mind-blowing, eye-popping lineup of insane facial tattoos.

One question that may wander the minds of mere mortals is, “Will they still love the all-encompassing face tat after 10 or 20 years?” Well, we certainly hope they do.

Let’s start off the list with this really cool-looking facial tat. Yeah, outrageously cool if I may point that out more correctly. I must admit, I really like the glasses.

<br />

David Clinger is a cyclist who was told to remove his facial tat because it’s against the rules of cycling. Well, the tat needs to go, not just because of the rules, but because it quite doesn’t suit his remarkably handsome face.


This one is still an unfinished tat, but I think we already get the picture. More black ink. More sharp edges. More curves.


This tattoo appears pretty mild, when you compare it with the rest of the collection. Thanks to the piercing, the tat has somewhat blended with the whole facial structure.


If you are confused whether the design of the facial tat is a constellation or a barbwire, then you’re either not looking hard enough or you haven’t met the wrath of Frankenstein.


This pic actually has a nice background story by its photographer. I don’t want to ruin the mood, so click here to know more about it.


Thanks to the pink hair and matching piercings outlining her neck bones, our attention is not as focused on her creepy forehead tattoos. Oh, her skin is so flawless. What a waste.


A Maori tattoo if I am not mistaken. This looks good when you are donning an ethnic costume, but a tuxedo, a hat, and a staff? I don’t know.

<br />

The tattoo design looks like a maze to me. I’m lost looking at his face. And, I’m lost trying to figure out why he would ever choose this tattoo design.


I bet this is still unfinished, but if I were this guy, I would keep it as is. Not the best in the face tat lineup, but I sure would like to save that vacant space while I still can.


Okay, things are going to get hardcore from this point forward. How hardcore can you get when you are actually trying to cover your entire face with ink, from your forehead down?

<br />

I am not sure if this guy is good at playing chess or he is just simply scaring his chess buddies away. And, I’m not really sure I care.


A multi-colored facial tattoo, huh? This is quite a feat. The fact that he is smiling and so happy about life is beyond me. More power to you, and your crazy face ink.


Now this one’s scary. I actually thought I was looking at one of those villains in a teen horror flick. What a minute, is he rockin’ the high-tech piercing glasses?


The tattoo and piercing look really just err … outrageous. Staring at this pic really made me speechless.


Did he actually get this tattoo ten years ago? I don’t like to think this tat used to be on the small face of youth, and has just expanded when he entered the graceful stage of facial skin sagging.


Ahh, the infamous Cat Man. Feline love at its finest.


Can you believe this guy used to be a professor? Oh wait, I think he still is. I am worried though. I think it’s a challenge being his student. Would I ever be able to focus, or would I just be stuck glaring at his vibrant face? One thing’s for sure – I bet no student has the balls to cheat in his class.


Yes, you are still looking at a human being. It almost feels like this guy is not one of us. Jigsaw pattern, baby. I feel like getting all those pieces off his face, shuffle or scramble them, and put them back together again.


And this one is the most outrageous of them all. It really feels like you are looking at a skeletal face sans the eyeballs, ears, and lips. Super hardcore this stuff is. I don’t know if I could still face the mirror if I were to get this kind of tattoo.


If you’re still not satisfied with this does of bizarre tattoos, check out more insane tattoo photos in Teeth Tattoos and More Tattoo and Piercing Technology.

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9 Comments on "Top Twenty Outrageous Facial Tattoos"

  1. avatar Anon Says:

    It’s a little upsetting that you couldn’t be a little more empathetic for the art most of these people portray. All these people have beautiful art on their bodies, Spare the guy with prison tattoos under the “Teen Horror Flick” comment. You make it sound as if they made such horrible choices. I understand that everyone has a right to voice their opinion but could sound any more biased than that? Even in you saying you “don’t want to ruin the mood” in the story of the former addict screams your unwillingness to even try to understand why people do such things. By wording as such you’re insinuating you’re keeping the mood light and in jest but at these peoples expense. I don’t have a single tattoo on my body (and don’t know if I ever will) but I appreciate the art. I try not to judge people on their appearance either.

  2. avatar Kiwi Says:

    The “Maori” tattoo isn’t a Moko. GL, Try again.

  3. avatar Ric Says:

    Geez, lighten up, anon. I like tats as much as the next guy, but these people do look ridiculous.

  4. avatar Lynn Says:

    the last guy has actually gotten significantly more work done and looks like a zombie. pretty amazing. I think most of the work here is pretty cool.

  5. avatar haley Says:

    i compleately agree with anon. it was their choice to tattoo their faces like that. i have one tatto and its in the center of my back and im so excited to get more. i personally would never tatto my face, just because im afraid it would hurt too bad. but if thats what they want and theyre happy with it, who cares? why do you have to critisize them for it? im sure theyre beautiful people inside and out. and if thats the way they choose to decorate their body, then by all means. go for it. i love them for that

  6. avatar kiwi2 Says:

    a moko is just on the chin and that tattoo is not a maori design the look alot different i don’t think it has any historical relevance at all

  7. avatar inkFace Says:

    I’m 32 & I got my face heavily covered with some awesome inkwork 10 years ago; I planned it out realising it will be a complete change in how I live my life, and it has been just that. I made the right decision for myself and the experience has given me satisfaction that I never would have had if I never had it done because I was worried about getting a job or what people will think; fuck ‘em all!

  8. avatar Squirrell Says:

    I’m The Fifth person on the list up there…( The Stitches on the face, with skull and cross bones.) I think this is pretty funny, if nothing else..the author may be mis informed about somethings, but comes with the territory of having ones face tattooed so yeah..what every. Freedom of speech right?

  9. avatar Wish Says:

    There is so much beauty on this page it is inspiring. These people believe so much so faithfully that they will put it on their skin and on their face. It made me sick to read the comments that were along with each picture. The person who wrote the comments should never have done so. This is a site were people look to explore not read the pig headedness of some bias opinion. I too have met the professor and a person would not sign up for his class unless they wanted to explore, understand, and except the people of other backgrounds. His face tattoo would not be a test to look at, it would be an honor. I have 23 tattoos, not yet on my face but one day I hope to be fully covered and people like the one that wrote all of these uneducated comments is the type of person that makes the world a worse place to live in. Tats are about freedom beliefs and personal choices, no one should down on someone who has that type of dedication.

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